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KWHome's Custom Streaming Devices - Description

Our devices come preinstalled with all the apps you need to stream LiveTV, TV Shows and Movies ... All for little-to-no cost!*


High Speed Wi-Fi and and available HDMI port are required for our devices to work! 

We provide lots of LiveTV Options free and legally via some Add-ons in Kodi and the Mobdro or FreeFlixTV App - however Free Live TV is never a guarantee... If you are soley relying on HD Live TV including local Programming, we recommend  an HD antenna or a PAID service like our IPTV Service (KWTV). 

With our TV Service - you get to watch:

🖥HD USA, Canada & UK Premium Channels

🖥HD Spanish Premium Channels

🖥International Channels:

🖥HD Sports Channels

🖥Local News & TV

🖥Kids Channels

🖥All in/out Market Major Sports during season

⚾️MLB 🏈NFL 🏒NHL 🏀NBA 🥊Boxing 


🖥WWE, Boxing & UFC Event Replays

🖥Large Video OnDemand Sections

With our setup you can get TV OnDemand anytime for free! The apps & tools we installed serve as a detailed "search engine" to find the Movie &/or Show you're trying to watch. They are not stored locally, so there is no risk of being flagged by your internet company for "downloading."  We do not manage the files, but you can find almost any Movie or TV Show including shows exclusive to Netflix or HBO. It doesn't matter what channel/app the show belongs to!

Yes - Sports, National & International are available (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, and Soccer)- even PPV events like UFC/Boxing!!!

This is a family friendly device, and Adult Content is not enabled/installed by default! However, there may be material not suitable for children, and we are not responsible for any access to such content regardless of intent.

Everything is included (Box, charging cable, remote, all paperwork) and with original plastic coverings, etc. I opened it only to install the apps .


Some things to keep in mind with these:


(1) Most people offering this type of product are mostly the same, but not like mine.. I built these shortcuts & Favorites from SCRATCH, there is NOT another setup like mine, I can promise you that!  Keep in mind that you are streaming on the internet and you are depending on servers that are hosting the links to be up and running. If a link doesn’t work on my unit, then it will more than likely not work on any other Fire Stick, FireTV, Android Box, anything with Kodi on it. So don't go into these thinking everything will work in HD and stream the first time like some of the ads lead you to believe..


(2) Its possible there may be some technical difficulty at some point - and that is what you have OUR TEAM for!!! We go above and beyond to support our customers!!!! We keep you up-to-date (Discord Channel) to post updates & changes that are necessary to keep your device in working order.. We post helpful hints and tips, and also keep our customers in the loop on how to find & watch Special Events and PPVs!


(3) If some of you have issues, I’ll try and take care of it anyway I can. Remember I can’t guarantee everything works 100% of the time, but I promise to give you all that is available with the simplest layout!

(4) These devices will require some manual configuration changes/updates  from time to time - I have a dedicated Facebook Page for support and HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you add and follow my page after purchase.. This will ensure you stay informed and updated to keep your device and apps functioning as intended! 


I just like to be up front with what you are getting with these. I don't want anyone not happy with them.