-About VPNs-

What is it? 

🔹"Virtual Private Networks" are services that provide an added level of security when accessing data across the internet. Mostly used by corporations to protect sensitive data


What does it do?

🔹For the purposes of Kodi and other Streaming functions outside of Netflix/Hulu, it adds a layer of protection to you -the streamer- by setting your visible IP address (internet location) to appear as any place you choose, making you anonymous when browsing. 


How does it help me?

🔹For the exact reason above ⬆️, this protects you from having your activity being seen by your Internet Provider. 


🔹 Our usage of Kodi as a consumer/streamer falls within a legal "grey area," it is NOT illegal (Very important to know that). However, if that were to change - a VPN protects your privacy, and keeps your activity anonymous and with virtually no risk.


🔹The truth is, what we do essentially is no different than Googling for a Website that has the movie/show we want to watch, or going to YouTube. Kodi is simply our search engine. 


🔹We're all grown-ups. We know that watching something you're supposed to pay for, for free in our home, is a "tad" sketchy - so don't act shocked by the info I'm giving you, LOL


Million Dollar Question...DO I NEED IT? 

🔹on a scale of 1-10.... I'll say the necessity is a 6-7. While it is not REQUIRED at this time, I do recommend that you use one.


 If you want to have the piece of mind of being protected, get one. I pay about $80/year for mine through IPVanish. Plus, you can access content that isn't available in the US in many cases (for that info - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH)


I recommend IPVanish because they have dedicated apps for the FireTV/MiBox/Tablets, they don't throttle bandwidth, and they never log or track your usage and it's SUPER easy to use. 

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